Namibia, home of the rhinos

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“Namibia is considered as the last truly wild population of any rhino species on the planet; the largest to persist outside national parks.” explains the association Save the Rhino. The country hosts in fact 34% of the world’s remaining black rhino population, and 90% of the south-western subspecies.

Among the 5 listed species of rhinos recognized worldwide, two of them can are hosted in the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse: white rhinos (listed as Near Threatened as per IUCN Red List Classification) and few black rhinos (which are critically endangered).

White rhinos:

It can be estimated that Zannier Reserve by Naankuse hosts 1/1000 of the worldwide population of wild white rhinos. Thanks to successful and large-scale reintroduction programmes, notably happening in the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse where the last baby rhino (Hope) has been released in the wild early 2020, white rhinos recovered from near extinction and are less in danger in Namibia than in any other countries in the world.

Black rhinos:

It is currently estimated that 98% of all black rhinos conservation efforts across Africa are concentrated in four countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia – Namibia being probably the leading country. The Save the Rhino Trust is one of the most active organization across Africa to save rhinos. This is why it has been chosen by Zannier Hotels that all water purchased at Zannier Hotels Omaanda and Zannier Hotels Sonop would support this foundation.

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