Le Chalet presents the exhibition TEXTURES

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Exhibition TEXTURES December 15, 2023 – April 2, 2024


Together with Stay Tuned Gallery in Geneva, Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is launching an art exhibition titled "Textures".
Curated by Victoire Monrose, this exhibition invites guests, art enthusiasts and collectors to join, and appreciate the intersection of luxury and artistic expression.


A Celebration of Artistic Diversity

TEXTURES exhibition brings together four remarkable women artists, each renowned for their distinctive approach to art. By exploring the interplay between medium, texture, and light, these artists invite you to embark on a journey into the essence of their creations. From established names to emerging talents, this exhibition celebrates the rich tapestry of women's contributions to the art world.


Adeline Halot, is a young Belgian designer seeking to dialogue with materials and textiles which are the very essence of her work. This young artist is behind the development of textile works based on metal threads, which is her favorite material. Throughout these creations.

There is a subtle play of transparency and opacity, allowing the light that is anchored in her work to shine through.

The multidisciplinary Franco-Japanese artist, Tiffany Bouelle creates works with abstract shapes and a colorful palette. Intimate and committed, her pieces tell shared moments of life, women's stories, words and ideas that she collects from her encounters. At the heart of her process, there is first writing, guardian of words and thoughts; then drawing, which exhausts the subject to reduce it to the essential; and finally the line, simple, pure, calligraphed to acrylic or Japanese watercolor.

Her practice, meticulous and choreographed, is similar to a reconquest of the body and the mind ; a certain research of harmony.


Meryl Yana is a French artist born in Paris currently based in London. She recently completed an artist residency at JO-HS gallery based in Mexico City and is working there towards her solo show. She completed a six months residency at the Museum of Goa, India, in the midst of the pandemic.

She ended her residency with a solo exhibition; ‘Ode From A Grain Of Sand” at the museum. She has studied in the Chelsea College of Arts, London where she completed her BA of fine Arts in 2020.

Melinda Infante likes to explore different textures and materials, such as clay, ropes and threads, which remind her of vascularity or even different types of skin. At present, she mostly uses amate or Japanese paper, chosen for its unique texture obtained from bark. Through this material, she inscribes signs of life and imprints that tell a story and guide her in her creative process.

Melinda began to work on ficus bark paper, which she transfers and repeats on various supports, thus forming a natural pattern reminiscent of cell division.

The power of Matter

"It's not just an exhibition; it is a convergence of creativity and hospitality."