Cozy armchairs and sofas to get inspired by

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Is there anything more satisfying than curling up in a cozy chair with a book and a cup of coffee? Probably not, especially these days where most of us are encouraged to stay home, to remain safe and care about our beloved family. At home, everyone has his/her favorite chair and preferred spot to escape and relax. At Zannier Hotels, we know this feeling very well, and we try to recreate this perfect spot in each of our properties across the world.  Despite our minimalistic approach to design, we believe ensuring comfort and conviviality is key when imagining a reading corner. While exploring our beautiful sofas, here are some tips to pump your living room, and create your perfect intimate bubble.


Play with cushions

If trying to match colours to make it fit with the existing décor is often the major concern, being disruptive and playing with cushions is also a good idea. No need necessarily to add patterns. There are plenty of upholstery choices. Mixing colours and sizes often adds character, as illustrated by the large orange sofas in the reception area of Zannier Hotels Omaanda with cream and beige cushions. Also, prefer removable cushions so you can change over time according to your mood, your décor evolution or eventual wear.

Search for timelessness

Zannier Hotels interiors are very often described as intimate, audacious yet never out of fashion. But sophistication of an interior does not necessarily mean using sophisticated furniture. Making sure to use raw materials, simple and minimalistic design allow to bring a sense of timelessness which makes any interior please the majority.  In our interiors, a place of honour is given to natural materials. Traditional oak floors, old wood fittings and sanded wood furniture polished with lime resin offer a pure framework into which made-to-measure sofas and curtains, natural cottons and washed linen effortlessly meld.

Favour robustness

Making sure your sofa will last in time is an essential criterion. Favour chairs and sofas with (real) wooden frames with a sprung seat and foam cushions – as they are more robust and can hold their shape over frequent use. At Zannier Hotels 1898 The Post, the 20th-century inspired decor is classy yet vintage. Each of our room feature at least one (very comfortable) armchair, with large back and curving arms for greater support. For the little story, those armchairs were recreated on measure in Belgium according to plans from armchairs popular at that time in Flanders… still considered to be amongst the strongest models. The hand-turned oak legs bring a nice modern twist on the classic style of this never out-of-fashion armchair.

Dare playing with colours

With patterns, colours are what express most the personality of an individual. But not everyone dare using colours in his/her interior. At Zannier Hotels, we believe that as long as colours match together, there should be no limit to your imagination. Dare to add colours to your armchairs, as this brings warmth and life to a place.

Adapt to the space

No matter the size of the room, any place could become cozy as long as the seat is adapted to the space. You always should be able to turn around easily. Optimizing space makes sense. This is why at Zannier Hotels we like to transform any nook or corner into sitting areas. It adds character to a room or a corridor, and brings life to unexpected places. With its several – well exploited – hidden corners, Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is the perfect example. Great bubbles where you just want to curl up with a blanket and start a good book…

Accessorize your universe

No matter how comfortable your armchair is, your reading corner will be cosier with a plant nearby, books or objects that are familiar. Recreating your little world with objects that have stories will bring a homey feeling. A simple side table next to your sofa will reinforce the great vibrations of your seat colour. Of course, a fireplace like the one in the living room of Zannier Hotels Le Chalet reinforces the cosiness… but a nice frame or flower point adds the perfect touch and is sufficient to pump your living room.



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