Bring the spirit of Zannier Hotels into your home

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Ghent, March 25th 2020

Bring the spirit of Zannier Hotels into your home

The world is living unprecedented times. Travels are banned, and confinement is recommended. At Zannier Hotels, we decided to remain optimistic and continue doing what we do best: caring about you. We strongly believe that celebrations of culture is what unite us and will keep us remain stronger. With most of you being at home, unable to visit us, we thought about bringing you a bit of Zannier Hotels spirit directly to your home. Forget confinement routine, and discover ideas to escape… and virtually travel.

Discover Zannier Hotels playlist

This is a project we had in a pipeline and wanted to unveil later, but why waiting? We have crafted music playlists for you to enjoy and remember your (hopefully joyful) times within our properties. Discover and follow Zannier Hotels playlists on Spotify here.

Choose your mood, and enjoy your own quality time with a touch of our Zannier Hotels radio. You can enjoy sounds from the disco vibes of late 20th century (cf Ghent Music Festival) to the House tracks you would find on the beaches of Ibiza (or Phu Yen). Let your mind travel, your body move and stay safe and happy. More playlists will be added.

Unveil your creativity

The recent situation proves that most valuable time is the one spent with our family and children. It is also a great time to share travel memories. This is why we have decided to launch a small competition, inviting any talented traveler (of any age) to participate and share with us what best evokes Zannier Hotels to them, in a creative manner. The selected winner will win a stay for two adults and 2 children in one of our property (announcement planned on May 15th for now).

We are familiar with the demanding attention our little ones require. Each of our properties have developed activities to allow everyone to relax. Because each location has its own story and heritage, there are different ways to express it, and we value any form of arts. In our Kid’s Club at Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang for instance, our professional team encourages everyone to express its creativity through traditional activities like drawing and coloring, painting, creating mandalas, scrapbooking, but also through more locally-inspired workshops, such as coconut painting, bamboo weaving, making pottery, rice planting or paddies harvesting, buffaloes feeding or learning Khmer recipes.

Depending on where you are, you can share our call for creativity and duplicate some of those activities at home. Just prepare a wooden board, some paint or colorful felt pen, make some salt dough… and let your kids unveil their imagination. Even adults can take part. Drawing in the sand or in the snow, repairing objects, making your own crafts or artefacts, starting to write your travel memories, creating your photo albums or painting on eggs (ideal with Easter coming)… those are just ideas!

We are looking forward to discovering your creations. You can share your best artwork with us either by email at or on social media using #ZannierHotelsSpirit. The competition will end on May 31st 2020.

Celebrate Virtual Happy Hour

From our pool bar overlooking the desert at Zannier Hotels Sonop to the 100 years old Sunset Lounge Bar overlooking the paddy fields at Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang, each of our bars offers suspended moments and delicious memories.

If you are missing it, why not trying to replicate your favourite cocktail at home? David Lebeer, Head Barman at The Cobbler (the cocktail bar of Zannier Hotels 1898 The Post in Ghent), named best barman of BeNeLux 2018, agreed to share one of his (simple) creation. The Cobbler Classic is the most favorite cocktail from Zannier Hotels 1898 The Post. To recreate this signature cocktail, follow the below recipe, and feel free to add your own twist.

  • Ingredients
    • 100 ml Fino Sherry (any sweet dessert wine could be used instead)
    • 20 ml of simple syrup (very easy to do: basic sugar and hot water preparation)
    • 1 big orange wheel (to decorate)
  • Preparation
    • Combine the ingredients in a shaker
    • Shake energetically for 5 seconds
    • Strain over crushed ice in a coupe
    • Garnish like there is no tomorrow, with the orange wheel, and/or with berries, mint, orange zests, dry fruits…

Your turn now to show your bartending skills… Feel free to share this tip with your friends, and to set up a “virtual happy hour”. And don’t forget to consume alcohol with moderation.

Look up and enjoy the beauty of stargazing

If some can argue that we are living our darkest times, let remind them that stars could only be seen in the dark.

Watching stars is actually a great way to escape our daily life, and mentally travel. From the cosiness of your home, we invite you to rediscover this activity that we love at Zannier Hotels.  In the middle of the Namib Desert, Zannier Hotels Sonop is probably one of the best spot for stargazing amongst all our remote places. In arguably the darkest sky on our planet, you are naturally transported alongside and amongst the trillions of awe-inspiring celestial bodies. Surrounded by a swathe of a myriad stars, our knowledgeable guides will point you the several constellations and share great stories.

No matter where you are, spending a nightfall under the stars and admiring the Milky Way is a great activity to refocus and feel connected to others. The enormity of space might be a difficult concept to grasp.  But stargazing will make you realise how enormous the universe is and how minute we are in relation…


At Zannier Hotels, we like saying that «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ». Remember that happiness comes from little and simple things – from sharing moments, listening to music or eating/drinking things we enjoy. Capturing moments of happiness is the essence of Zannier Hotels. We wish you a safe and creative confinement, and remain with you until further adventures will be possible. We take this occasion also to remind you that you can follow the situation in each of our properties on our dedicated page on our website here (regularly updated).


If you have any question, feel free to contact Quentin GUIRAUD, Head of Communications at Zannier Hotels: / +32 (0)472 05 57 19.