5 Tips from Zannier Hotels on Enhancing Bedroom Interiors

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During this period of lockdown, we are spending more time than ever in our homes, so now is the time to add those little touches used by Zannier Hotels to elevate their beautiful properties across the world. When designing a hotel, we spend considerable time ensuring the bedroom is a cosy sanctuary of tranquility and calm to ensure our guests have a restful night’s sleep. Our design team is delighted to share five tips on how to give your bedroom a hotel makeover, turning confinement into a luxury staycation.

Choose the right materials

When decorating a room, the choice of materials is key to creating the right atmosphere. Our hotels all feature natural, and often local, materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, or thatch to form an integral part of the overall bedroom aesthetic. For your bedroom, we advise wooden flooring to bring warmth and character – especially if you have subfloor heating. We’d recommend pairing this with furniture made using old, reclaimed wood, but be careful to match the wood essence colours. When it comes to fabrics such as curtains, bed linen and rugs, natural fabrics like cotton or wool will provide lightness and comfort and without heavying the room, which is often the case when using velvet.

Pay attention to the finishes

We believe that paying attention to the finishes is as important as choosing the materials themselves, as it has an impact on the atmosphere of the room and the overall aesthetic. It is mostly a matter of taste, however, at Zannier Hotels, we prefer to use raw materials which gain warmth and character as they age. Natural and matte materials will give soul to your bedroom, telling a genuine story. You can accentuate this by using materials with a slightly aged look that will give your room a unique and interesting feel. Whether it is cracked wood, furniture imperfections, natural patina on secondhand objects, silky linens or rough wall paintings, there are numerous possibilities to add texture and character to your bedroom interiors.


The secret lies in the overlay

Fabrics are ideal for bringing a cosy feeling to your bedroom at a relatively affordable price. Transform your bed into a four posted bed by adding canopy drapes (and protect yourself from mosquitos at summer), opt for one or two bedside rugs for a luxurious feel when waking up, add a contrasted bedspread to your bed, vary the cushions textures and sizes and leave a warm blanket on a side armchair – and your room will immediately become a more intimate and welcoming place. Our special tip is to layer different textures; this will help pull all the elements of a room together and provide a tactile experience with many points of interest.

Use a limited number of patterns

When decorating your bedroom, be careful with patterns. We recommend using a maximum of two to avoid too many distractions. Keep patterns apart from each other to ensure a simple, clean look. For a bedroom, it is important it is peaceful and soothing space rather than busy and cluttered so choose plain patterns and play with textures instead.

Favour quality, timeless materials

When decorating a room, the aim is often for it to remain timeless. To achieve this, be aware of the quality of materials you choose and the trends you want to follow. Choosing quality materials may be pricer but in the long term they are more durable and will last longer. When it comes to trends, at Zannier Hotels, we always rely on local inspirations rather than replicating trends on social media that are often less original and are at risk of looking dated quickly. We suggest picking one aspect of a trend you like and combining with timeless materials such as antique or vintage pieces that have their own history.

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